The Perfect Image for Social Media

With the number of engineering businesses using social media as a way of marketing continuing to increase, it’s becoming ever more important to find ways in which your company can stand out from the crowd. Great imagery is one way you can grab your audience’s attention.

We’ve all heard the expression, ‘A picture can tell a thousand words’.Well, guess what? It’s true!According to research, the human brain only needs one tenth of a second to understand an image whereas text would take a lot longer, around 60 seconds per 200 words.
So, in an age when people are time poor, it is essential to catch your audience’s eye and make your information clear and concise. Not only this, people remember visual information six times better than if they have read or heard it.
If this isn’t enough to convince you that images are the way forward, let’s look at social media engagement rates.
Using relevant imagery with your post can help boost engagement rates which in turn can lead to an increase in s…

Measurement and Evaluation- what’s it worth?

A blog by Louise Daniel- Aro Senior Account Executive Whether you are working for an agency or part of an in-house team, measurement and evaluation loom large. Clients and management want to see results but quantifying these can be a challenge. Data isn’t just about how many pieces of media coverage you achieve for a client, nor is it simply clicks, sales or engagement. Measurement and evaluation are vital to showing clients, whether internal or external, what is (and is not) working. They also become essential when preparing and planning campaigns and can inform winning pitches. But how? Long gone are the days where an enveloped stuffed with newspaper clippings comprised an evaluation report. In the increasingly digitised and data driven waters in which we swim, and our client’s understandable need to see return on investment (and justification) for the services we offer, it can be a challenge to see the wood for the trees. On 15 October, we hosted a PRCA event on Measurement and Eva…

The value of a PR apprenticeship

The value of a PR apprenticeship 

Molly Prout, Aro’s first-ever Apprentice PR and Marketing Executive, gives us the low down on how an apprenticeship is giving her the opportunity to earn a real salary and gain a real qualification, all whilst gaining valuable workplace skills and experience!
After finishing my A-levels, I started my apprenticeship at Aro PR and Marketing. The Devon-based company specialise in raising the profile of engineering, composites and scientific companies across aerospace, automotive, marine, energy and science. From originally wanting to be a vet, I gained some work experience in the field of PR. The complete change in career came as a shock to friends and family as most didn’t (and still don’t) understand what PR is! When I finally decided that PR was something that I was interested in pursuing, I started to look at different university courses. Undecided in what I wanted to study I started to think about the apprenticeship route. Fate was obviously on my si…

Tomorrow’s fish and chip paper?

Tomorrow’s fish and chip paper?
Continuing his regular series of blogs, Aro PR and Marketing’s Managing Director, Billy McKenna waxes lyrical on why newspapers and trade magazines are still alive and kicking despite the rise of social media.
Because social media is so popular, it’s often wrongly assumed traditional print media has taken a back seat as a marketing tool. Print media is sometimes seen as struggling to compete with the convenience and cost effectiveness of being online. Yet, if used as part of a multichannel strategy, newspapers and specialist magazines are powerful tools to raise the profile of your business and reach out to customers, suppliers and staff, both existing and potential partners. All about audience When building your content and marketing strategies, think about who you try to reach with each of the different communication channels at your disposal. As with any business, but especially for those in more specialised industries such as engineering, composites …

And the award goes to …

Why awards aren’t just shiny objects in a display cabinet! Kicking off a new series of blogs, Aro PR and Marketing’s Managing Director, Billy McKenna, waxes lyrical on why awards aren’t simply shiny objects gathering dust in a display cabinet. Instead, if you’re strategic about what awards to enter, winning a trophy can add to your business’ credibility and help your wider marketing.

No matter the size of your business, winning an industry award is an incredibly powerful means of validating your products and services and showcasing your company’s skills, expertise and capabilities. However, application processes are often time consuming and there is a certain knack to navigating a successful path through them.
Find the right one Over the years’ we’ve helped a number of business apply for a range of awards from EEF Future Manufacturing Awards and UK Private Business Awards to the Queen’s Award for Enterprise.  The awards circuit can at first appear a bit overwhelming - there are hundreds …